Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tube is Out! (At Least Momentarily)

Today the Bug's doctors sent a camera down her throat to check on things and take some photos. Evidently they saw good things, as they removed her breathing tube later in the day! She isn't out of the woods yet though... She was having difficulty breathing on her own, but that could be due to all of the throat irritation from having things sent down it. Until her breathing is stable, she can't eat, which makes for a very unhappy Bug (and parents, I imagine). They are still in the PICU and the doctors are keeping a close eye on the Bug, as they could have to re-intubate her at any given moment. In the meantime, she is finally back in her parents arms! And keep the prayers coming- I want that tube to stay OUT!

*update- as of this posting, still no breathing tube and feedings have started!

Carter looks beautiful and you can really see the relief and joy in finally being able to hold her baby again!

Tonight I told Ingrid that I had a headache, so she went and got her Dora phone and called the doctor. She told the doctor that I had "a little problem" (like in one of the videos) with my head. Then she told me to be patient and a nurse was on her way. It is really interesting to see how her brain works and how a toddler processes things, and it is astounding how much she takes in and understands.

I told Ingrid to put shoes on, and this is what she grabbed. Why does this even surprise me???

Dressed up? No, thats just what she wore today. Certainly takes after her Mom!

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