Sunday, May 1, 2011

365, Weekend Crack

I was not overly excited to wake up early and get to my 8:30 am soccer game, but I DID love being so productive before the rest of the Clubhouse was awake. Things accomplished in the last 12 hours:

- played in a soccer game
- did all my laundry
- cut fruit and made a fruit salad (cantaloupe, bananas, and strawberries)
- sliced and diced a watermelon and cut celery into sticks for lunches
- cooked a batch of muffins
- made sloppy joes and froze half
- made 2 spaghetti pies and froze one
- took out the trash
- walked to the bank
- cleaned my room
- did a few loads of dishes

I have decided the the name for this energizer-bunny, non-stop action is "weekend crack." I think I am still fascinated and overly excited that I have two days off in a row. I am exhausted now but happy to have put in such a productive day!

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