Friday, May 20, 2011

Bug is Out of the PICU! (and other events of today)

The best news of the day- Bug is no longer in the PICU! Last night was a rough one for Carter and Liesl, but Liesl got much calmer and better once she was in her Mom's arms. I am looking forward to spending a good chunk of tomorrow at the hospital with Carter and Liesl, and then I can ask my 8349809328 questions to the nurses. (In Carter's defense, she has been wonderful with giving me detailed updates... this just gives me a chance to actually see how everything works).

In what has become a routine, I headed straight from work to my Mom's house to give an extra set of hands with Ingrid. Just before I had gotten there, Ingrid fell and skinned her knee in the driveway. In a quick attempt to distract her, Alex got Ingrid totally focused on playing with the hose and having a great time, so she forgot about her knee (thankfully).

Our long-time family friends, the Shannon's, brought over dinner tonight. Lisa is probably the best cook any of us know, so it was delicious, as expected. We had lemon-linguine with roasted chicken and asparagus (I think) and some other green things (sorry Lisa!), salad, yummy bread, and homemade biscotti. I cleaned my plate, which is about the highest compliment I can give. Jon took some to the hospital so he and Carter got to have a real meal as well. Big thanks to Lisa and her gang!

While sleeping at Mimi's, Ingrid has been helping out with small chores, particularly with the dogs. Tonight she decided to put Ellie's bowl under the kitchen table, and then lay on the floor and chat while she ate. Luckily Ellie is a really good sport about it and as long as there is food involved, she is happy.

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