Thursday, May 26, 2011

365, Kickball

I have missed kickball the last few weeks due to the craziness, so it was particularly nice to see everyone again tonight. I slid into first base on my knees (my guess is that it looked more like a fall, but whatever) and later tonight I realized I am much more allergic to grass than I had realized. Even after a shower, I had some lovely hives on my legs. The ref said the ball tagged me during the slide/fall (which it totally didn't!), so the hives weren't even for a good reason. Had I been safe and then scored a game-winning run, I might feel otherwise.

There are always planes taking off and landing during our games, but for some reason, they seemed to be landing exceptionally low tonight... as in, there were a few times I wanted to duck for cover because it looked like the plane would be landing on our field. Where I would find cover in an open field, I don't know.

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