Monday, May 16, 2011

Liesy Bug

It has been a very long week for the Liesl Bug and her parents...
Monday- Liesl stopped breathing and went to the hospital
Wednesday morning- discharged from hospital
Wednesday evening- doctors called and said they wanted her back (and thank god they did!)
Thursday- breathing tube put in, MRI, sclera therapy, and then in the PICU
Today- still being a good patient in the PICU

Bug was supposed to have sclera therapy this morning but it got postponed due to a scheduling snafu. Don't even get me started on how the schedule got screwed up... I am NOT happy about it, and I'm not even the parent, nor am I the one with Liesl in the PICU! Carter was equally unhappy when I talked to her tonight. Of all the places that need to have a precise schedule, I'm going to go ahead and say that a hospital should be leading the pack! Grrrrr!

Sclera now scheduled for tomorrow morning. If it doesn't happen, I have decided that a very grumpy Ingrid and I will march in there and wreak havoc until the Bug gets taken care of. I mentioned this to Carter and she decided that either things will happen very quickly to make up for lost time, or we will get kicked out.

Two things need to happen tomorrow:
1. Liesl needs to have her sclera therapy on time (no more of this stopping her feedings nonsense and then not doing the procedure!)
2. it needs to be amazingly and completely successful so that she can come home already!

Please keep the prayers / good vibes / thoughts / support coming!

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