Saturday, May 7, 2011

Always Entertaining

We had an all-hands-on-deck cleaning effort at the parents house today. Liesl is getting more personality by the day and is a pretty easy-going, smiley baby (as long as she has her mom, is constantly fed, and never has a dirty diaper). But even when she isn't happy, its far from the wrath of Ingrid.

Ingrid said that she NEEDED to wear this headband (taken from her room at Mimi's house) and then went on to comment on the Nike swoosh on my shoe and said she was ready to work out. Too quickly, she decided I needed to wear the headband, in the same fashion, and then told me how to run a race. She told me where to start, gave the ready-set-go command, and told me where to stop running. She said if you finish, you get a medal, and she wants a medal. Her brain works entirely too fast!

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