Thursday, May 19, 2011

365, The Production

Our new desks arrived today, which was very exciting. I expected it to take a few hours of some occasional power drills, but otherwise no big deal. Boy, was I wrong! It was a production; an all day event. The electricians were simultaneously drilling into cement while the desk guys were hammering, and it went on until about 2 pm. The whole production wasn't over at 2, but the majority of the noise had stopped by that point. Had I realized this would be an event, it would have been worth lugging my 27 inch desktop down to the conference room, but for my expectation, it didn't make sense. So instead I sat at my computer and didn't get a whole lot of work done because the noise and commotion was THAT loud. I am, however, looking forward to getting my desk all set up tomorrow!

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