Tuesday, May 24, 2011

365, froZENyo

I love froyo, and this place is the best one I have been to so far. It is about 1/2 a mile away on F street, which is just far enough that I won't go everyday but not too far to walk. It is self-serve with an ever rotating 16 flavors and some yummy toppings. There is only 1 size cup, which is pretty dangerous for me. Today was only the 2nd time I have been, so I am still in the midst of trying out lots of different flavors. Todays assortment was red velvet (because everyone raves about it... I thought it was so so, but I'm not a big red velvet person), banana creme, cookies and creme (my favorite), berry tart, and angel food cake (another staple). Luckily the flavors don't mix TOO much until you get to the end and everything has melted, but by that point I was stuffed to the gill and needed an excuse to put it down. Maybe one day I will be able to exhibit some small bit of self-control and only have 1 or 2 flavors per cup... yeah, I don't foresee that happening either!

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