Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beach Girls

The Schultz clan is at the beach this weekend enjoying some time away and Carter sent these pictures of the girls yesterday. (Yes, clan usually indicates more than 4 people, but I have yet to come up with a more creative name for the combo of Carter, Jon, Ingrid, and Liesl.)

365, Mom's Office

Saturday, July 30, 2011

365, Mall Lunch

Delicious and filling for $5.25! Full shift at the Fruit Box is always made better by lunch at Nordies Cafe.

Yet Another Book Down

Finished another book yesterday just as my commute was coming to an end- such perfect timing! O'Brien has a unique style of writing and kept everything in the present tense, even though it was obviously in the past. Apparently this is a very journalistic style, but I haven't read anything like it before. Reading about her experiences in foreign countries after natural disasters was heart-wrenching and depressing, but impossible to put down.

Although it had sad parts, it was still a good read!

Friday, July 29, 2011

365, TGIF

It's been a long week. Red Bull was not optional this morning.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

365, Rough Morning

I woke up and thought it was the weekend. Once I got to work I had a soda but was still dead tired. I've cut out my snack budget, so I decided to try green tea from the Keurig. I scorched my tongue and didn't feel any more awake. It was one of those days.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

365, Bubbles

My photos have been lacking this week and my descriptions have been non-existant. This is not news to anyone, but I feel I have to at least acknowledge it. Work has been crazy and interesting photos just haven't presented themselves as they usually do. On top of all that, I haven't bought any treats (i.e. Starbucks) and my leftovers at dinner aren't exactly picturesque. Can't win them all, I suppose.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

365, Breakfast

My Dad dropped this off for me this morning for breakfast... Thanks, Pies!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

365, I'm Baaaaack!

It was a lot of fun to be back at The Orchard today and to see so many of my favorite people in one place. I am back on a very part-time basis (1 day/week) for Back to School, and I am most excited about being surrounded by my friends for that 1 day each week. It will be hard and exhausting for sure, but I am looking forward to being a part of everything. Mid-September, I might have a different view, but for now, I'm excited!

Friday, July 22, 2011

365, Dessert Drink

If I could stomach the taste of alcohol, I would have started drinking heavily the moment I walked through my front door tonight. (It was a long day, to say the least.)

Anyhow, being the "unique" (aka abnormal) 24 year-old that I am, I instead went straight to the fridge and grabbed one of my dessert drinks- a nice cold cream soda. I took it upstairs and sipped it while sitting on my bed, all before dinner. I know, I know, I am SUCH a rebel!

The cream soda took the edge off, and then I decided to continue my rebellion and had dino-egg oatmeal for dinner, followed by some danimals frozen yogurt tubes. Yes, your 8 year-old next door neighbor probably did the same thing tonight after a long week of camp.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

365, Before You Even Ask...

- Yes, that is a chocolate dipped chocolate peep.
- Yes, it is from Easter (still in a sealed package, not aged).
- Yes, it was delicious.
- Yes, the last 4 photos have been food.

Any other questions?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

365, Guess Which is Mine

Yes, it's the Shirley Temple.

We had our first book club meeting tonight, and 2 other people from the office joined us for dinner. We talked about the book for about 5 minutes, so it totally counts. We knew when we started the book club that it was mostly an excuse to go out to dinner around Chinatown, so no one had any issue with it.

We went to Matchbox and enjoyed some delicious pizza and had fun chatting- all in all, a great "meeting" and night!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

365, So Delicious!

When I was babysitting the girls on Saturday, I discovered this amazing snack. It is basically go-gurt in the freezer. Sure, its called Danimals and is targeted to young children, BUT IT TASTES SO GOOD!

Reasons why this is my new favorite snack:
- I get the satisfaction of ice cream without the calories (only 60 cal/tube)
- no dishes are required
- because it taste delicious!

Thanks for introducing me, Ingrid!

Another Book Down

Finished I Was Told There'd Be Cake (Sloane Crosley) on my commute yesterday, and while I wasn't a huge fan in the beginning, I liked it by the end. I read it for book club, which meets tomorrow!

Monday, July 18, 2011

365, 97% Less Tasty

I'm trying to eat healthier. I'm trying to convince my taste buds that these less fatty alternatives taste good. So far, taste buds aren't buying it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

365, Clean Room

Did a crazy amount of cleaning today. So much cleaning that this morning seems like a really long time ago.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Giggle Buddies

365, Happy Baby

Carter and Jon went to a wedding today, so Alex and I got to hang out with the girls. Both girls were cheerful and in good moods all day, which always makes things run smoother!

Liesl has some small bruises from her IVs and a few near the cysts from the sclerotherapy, but otherwise, no signs of having just been in the ICU! Our little champ is... well... a champ! She was quite the snuggle bug tonight and would wake up after about 20 minutes in the swing, realizing she was no longer someones personal space heater. After this happened twice, I let her twist my arm (not even a slight challenge) and snuggled with her the rest of the time. Such a good, happy baby!

Croc Preparedness

More Photoshop Fun

Needed to kill a few minutes and whipped up this sucker... Luckily, Trevor (pictured) thought it was hilarious!

Friday, July 15, 2011

365, Creative

No, I didn't go to a midnight showing of the final Harry Potter movie. My roomies and coworker, however, did attend and were all very excited to show the world that the 3-d glasses looked just like Harry's glasses. Its about time someone did something creative with 3d glasses! Well done!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Liesl is Home!

3 days in the PICU and our littlest princess is already home! Since I'm not feeling well I didn't go welcome them home today, but my Mom said that aside from the bandaids, Bug looks like she did last weekend- a normal, happy 5 month old baby!

Liesl's bandaids match Ingrid's shirt- further signs of their sisterly bond!

365, Not Feeling So Hot

Ginger Ale, make me feel better, please.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Go Bug, Go!

Liesl is continuing to be a rockstar patient and has turned all of the nurses into more loyal members of her fan club. I was talking to Carter tonight and we joked that Liesl keeps kicking off her foot monitor JUST to get nurses to come over, and then smiles at them and hams it up. Ingrid trained her well!

Assuming tonight goes smoothly, they hope to be discharged at some point tomorrow!

365- Eek, A Leak!

It became a rather wet afternoon at the office when the ceiling started leaking on our desks. Luckily Megan and I have hidden talents in placing cups to catch water and simultaneously creating a calming, white noise, symphony.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

365, Crazy

Liesl = Rockstar

I don't think we could have asked for a better outcome from Liesl's procedure today. The bronchoscopy showed no compression on her trachea (HOORAY!) and the MRI results where such that they were able to do sclerotherapy right away. She had 3 injections of sclerotherapy and is rockin' some neon bandaids now. She is in the ICU, but doesn't have a breathing tube which is good news for so many reasons. Of course she has a sore throat from being intubated for 5 or 6 hours today, but nothing compared to being intubated for double that number of days. She is eating on her own, and Carter said they even got a few smiles tonight. She is working her way out of the anesthesia funk and isn't back to her normal buggy self just yet, but thats to be expected.

Carter was talking to Ingrid on the phone and Ing heard Liesl crying, so Carter put the phone near Liesl, and like magic, Liesl started to calm down when she heard Ingrid's voice. Talk about sisterly love!

My field hockey games were cancelled tonight due to the heat advisory, so I went over to my parents to help with the whirling dervish, otherwise known as Ingrid. Its a darn good thing she is so incredibly cute because good grief, she is exhausting! And I was only there for a few hours! There are lots of funny stories from tonight, but this post is really supposed to be about Liesl, so Ing stories will have to wait for another day.

Carter, Jon, and Liesl will be hanging out in the ICU for the next couple of days, so keep sending those good vibes!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Liesl Bug- Back to CNMC in the Morning

Liesy and her parents will head back to Children's tomorrow morning for her next procedure. They have to be there at 7:30 am, and doctors will take her to the OR and send a camera down her throat to check things out. Some time after that (hopefully soon, since she will still have to be under anesthesia) they will do an MRI, and that is as far as we know. I talked to Carter tonight and she sounded strong as ever, ready for the unknown that awaits. Of course no hospital visit comes without anxiety, especially when it is your child, but at least this one is planned. Carter and Jon are incredibly strong and loving, and Liesl will be under the absolute best care.

While in the hospital, Liesl will have her next round of sclerotherapy, but when that will happen is completely unknown. She will be in the hospital for days, not hours, and we are all hoping it is only a few days, but again it is completely unknown.

Ingrid is back at Mimi's house and was singing to The Little Mermaid when I facetimed with her tonight.

Casey leaves early tomorrow morning for Indiana for a crew regatta, so Ingrid will help with pug duties more than usual.

365, Free Slurpee Day

Free slurpee count: 3.

(Full disclosure, 2 are in the freezer.)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

365, Hockey and Tennis

Abby and I went to the tennis courts this afternoon and hit around a hockey ball and then played a bit of tennis. While I don't think I can count it as a workout, it at least got us moving around.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Carter and Jon!

I don't have any photos from their wedding on this computer, so this crappy one from facebook will have to do...

Rehearsal dinner, 2005

365, Family Brunch

We all went over to Carter and Jon's this morning for my Dad's belated birthday brunch, or "buh-runch" as Ingrid says. It was full of delicious food (including homemade raspberry butter) and squealing girls, and it was nice to have the whole family in one place for a few hours.

Liesl and her parents are headed back to Children's on Tuesday morning for what we hope will only be a few days, but it made our family time this morning even more special.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Love the Internet

Today I found a live-stream (ok, "found" might not be the right word, since it was right on NASA's homepage) of the shuttle launch, and most of the team was able to sneak to the conference room for about 20 minutes to watch it. One of my favorite books when I was little (about 7, I think) was about Sally Ride with full-page images of space, so today's launch was very exciting. NASA was streaming it in HD, and the stream didn't end when the shuttle launched-- the shuttle had additional hd camera's mounted on the fuel tanks, so the world got to see some awesome, never-before-seen, views.

As Kelly said, "between Casey Anthony and the shuttle launch, it has been a good week for streaming technology." Yes, the Comm team paused all work to watch the verdict announced live as well. We like to follow world events.

365, Food Truck

Food trucks are all the rage these days, and yesterday I found a website that showed the location of each truck in real time ( Today FLmeetsDC was a couple blocks from the office and I didn't pack my lunch, so Amy and I decided to check it out. I got the Fidel and Amy got the chicken one (click photo to see menu), and then we each traded a half of our sandwiches. While both tasted fairly good, I determined that I am not nearly enough of a foody, and food trucks are lost on me. The first couple bites of each sandwich were good, but then they became a bit too exotic for my taste buds and I didn't finish it. I could have bought a LOT of Rita's or splurged on froyo with the same $7, but the food truck phenomenon won my curiosity.

I tried to be adventurous, but I think I will stick to my main food group for the time being- inexpensive and beige.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

365, Tibetan Vendors

I'm not sure that "vendor" is really the right word, but I'm at a loss for a better word. Since the Dali Lama is in town, there are some tents near the Verizon Center selling all sorts of Tibetan goods. I didn't buy anything today, but there was some cool stuff to look at!

Another Book Down

Finished Drive by Daniel Pink earlier this week, and it was fascinating! SO many interesting and current examples about the science and psychology of motivation. I really procrastinated starting to read it, but once I did, it was hard to put down. Take the facts of a psychology class and combine it with a conversational tone with a down-to-earth expert on motivation, and you get this VERY enlightening book! Seriously, read it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

365, Our Ad is Everywhere!

This particular ad has been published 4 times now (2 editions each of 2 different magazines)!

365, July 4th

First off, happy birthday Pies!

Alex bought some cool 3d glasses for us to wear during the fireworks, but unfortunately, Noah's Arc pulled into port and there was some crazy rain, thus no (good) fireworks. At least a lightbulb looked cool through the glasses!

365, July 3rd

Wave Riding Vehicles, the best surf shop at the beach.

365, July 2nd

The waves were decent and were breaking pretty far out, and the water temperature was perfect on Saturday!

365, July 1st

Ingrid and I were roomies, and this was the special light in our room.