Monday, July 11, 2011

Liesl Bug- Back to CNMC in the Morning

Liesy and her parents will head back to Children's tomorrow morning for her next procedure. They have to be there at 7:30 am, and doctors will take her to the OR and send a camera down her throat to check things out. Some time after that (hopefully soon, since she will still have to be under anesthesia) they will do an MRI, and that is as far as we know. I talked to Carter tonight and she sounded strong as ever, ready for the unknown that awaits. Of course no hospital visit comes without anxiety, especially when it is your child, but at least this one is planned. Carter and Jon are incredibly strong and loving, and Liesl will be under the absolute best care.

While in the hospital, Liesl will have her next round of sclerotherapy, but when that will happen is completely unknown. She will be in the hospital for days, not hours, and we are all hoping it is only a few days, but again it is completely unknown.

Ingrid is back at Mimi's house and was singing to The Little Mermaid when I facetimed with her tonight.

Casey leaves early tomorrow morning for Indiana for a crew regatta, so Ingrid will help with pug duties more than usual.

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