Friday, July 1, 2011

Bug's Fan Club Update

Liesl will have her next procedure on July 12th. Well, she will go into the hospital on the 12th and HOPEFULLY they can knock everything out pretty quickly. I was talking to Carter last night, and here is the info thats on the table:

- the doctors will send a scope down her throat to take some more pictures, and then compare them to pics from previous visits.
- they will do an MRI and another round of sclerotherapy.
- not sure if she will be intubated for any or all of this.
- we are hoping it will only be a few days in the hospital.

Not a lot of info, but it's all I have. Her doctors have all been pleased with the progress, and she is still hitting all of the "normal" baby benchmarks, despite spending so much time in the hospital. Go Bug, go!

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