Friday, July 8, 2011

365, Food Truck

Food trucks are all the rage these days, and yesterday I found a website that showed the location of each truck in real time ( Today FLmeetsDC was a couple blocks from the office and I didn't pack my lunch, so Amy and I decided to check it out. I got the Fidel and Amy got the chicken one (click photo to see menu), and then we each traded a half of our sandwiches. While both tasted fairly good, I determined that I am not nearly enough of a foody, and food trucks are lost on me. The first couple bites of each sandwich were good, but then they became a bit too exotic for my taste buds and I didn't finish it. I could have bought a LOT of Rita's or splurged on froyo with the same $7, but the food truck phenomenon won my curiosity.

I tried to be adventurous, but I think I will stick to my main food group for the time being- inexpensive and beige.

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