Wednesday, May 25, 2011

365, No Self-Control

I have no self-control. None whatsoever. I went to Starbucks this morning (my goal this week was only to go MWF, and it was Wednesday, so why not?). Then Jenna went to Rita's in the afternoon, and I simply can't say no to that, so I had to join. Right... Next week I am going to try giving myself a cash budget for food / treats during the week and see if that helps curb my spending because I NEVER spend cash. My rationale is that if I spend cash, I can't check online and see where my money is going, so my credit card seems smarter. Stay tuned next week (I know you are already on the edge of your seat... "a young professional learns how to spend less on yummy treats").

During our jaunt back from Rita's, Jenna remarked on my flavor choice (swedish fish and juicy pear) in that I have the taste buds of a child. I'm not sure how I managed to keep this hidden from my coworkers for almost 2 months, but go me? In the elevator I confessed my love and comfort of ordering off the kids menu, and how I would often have my little brothers order chicken fingers for me since they were actually under age 12 and I was, well, 20.

For someone who isn't really a fan of food, I sure do post a lot of pictures of my various snacks. This could be the reason why I had to buy some new shorts tonight- I went to throw on a pair after work last week, and suddenly there just wasn't enough fabric in those darn things! They MUST have magically shrunk over the winter...

Shorts a size too small did, however, give me a fabulous excuse to go to the mall and see my queens (and select other people that I actually like) at the Fruit Box. I REALLY miss those guys, but man, I do not miss working when it is crazytown on the floor! Rob recently had his face gutted to fix his broken voice, and he sounds wonderful. Edward took one look at my fit-flops and told me they look like shower-shoes that a stripper would wear. One manager looked at me and jokingly told me to put my work shirt on, and I didn't recognize most of the specialists. Yep, the world is still spinning on its axis.

Most importantly, Bug is still home! I had all of 2 seconds to talk to my sister, but Liesl is being a trooper and was a good baby while she was in the office today with Carter. Liesl has a monitor of sorts that she wears when she is sleeping to give her parents a small peace of mind, but I haven't gotten all the details on it yet. She has a crazy medication schedule to continue fighting the morphine withdrawal and is being weened off of that over the next 2 weeks. Or something like that. Hoping to have a 20-questions session with Carter this weekend after she has gotten some sleep and readjusted to life outside of Childrens.

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