Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Update

Ando and Matt brought dinner over to my parents house, and it was absolutely delicious! BBQ chicken, amazing corn casserole, and equally amazing brownies! EVERYONE cleaned their plates- thanks so much Ando and Matt! Funny side note-- Carter tried to have Lucy vacuum the crumbs on Ing's skirt after dinner, and despite being too picky to eat the crumbs, she tolerated Ingrid petting her and giving her a kiss. Tolerated is about the best way to put it because her eyes were bulging out of her head and she was trying to retract her neck in the same fashion as a turtle. Carter decided to give Lucy a treat for being gentle with Ingrid, and what could be better than a tiny piece of the chicken?! Carter and Ingrid each had a small piece and Carter showed Ingrid how to give it to Lucy and that she would be gentle. Ingrid decided that the chicken was too good to share, and instead ate it herself. Talk about a compliment!

Bug is being a good patient in the PICU. Tomorrow she has another round of sclera therapy to hopefully get the cyst that is pushing on her airway. Please put in an extra prayer for her tonight- we need this to be successful!

Crazy girl at dinner

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