Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Liesl Bug got discharged from the hospital tonight!!! Oh happy days!!!

She started nursing again last night and the doctors removed her feeding tube this morning. It took a while to process paperwork (it always seems like that is the longest part) and locate some medicine that she needed, but she will be sleeping in her own house tonight!

I, of course, have a ton of follow up questions, but have decided to let Carter get some sleep before pestering her. No clue what the future holds, but for right now, its just nice to have her home. (And this time we are all hoping it is for more than 10 hours!)

When I visited Bug on Saturday, there is no way I thought she would be home this soon. Clearly, there are some AMAZING people thinking about her and praying, and the prayer quilt is magical. I also think that having her whole family in the same room / a visit from her big sister helped speed up the path to recovery. Keep 'em coming!

Carter sent this picture this morning- the first one without any tubes on her face!

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