Friday, June 10, 2011

Yesterday's Commute

Yesterday I made sure to leave promptly at 5 pm so that I would be able to make it to my last kickball game. Metro was operating as usual until we got into the tunnel at the Pentagon, and then it stopped. And stayed stopped. Our conductor (are they still conductors, or is it a driver?) was great and kept us informed why we were stopped. Turns out their was someone at the Airport station that was having seizures, so they had to off-board and then give them medical attention. At one point the conductor said we might have to backtrack because there is already a train on the platform at the Pentagon and we were caught in between stations. By this point it is 5:30 and I am stuck in a train, underground, not moving, with possibility of being taken back to DC. I was hoping they would tell us we had to off-board in the tunnel because 1) that would be an awesome story, and 2) I would be able to catch the bus and still make it to kickball almost on-time. I went to send a message to someone on my kickball team, but realized I had no service. Awesome.

In the end, we were able to pull up to the platform and I got on the bus around 5:45. I was a couple minutes late to kickball, but luckily the other team was as well.

(All jokes aside, I hope the person requiring medical assistance was alright. My kickball game is not a big deal compared to having seizures on the metro, and I know that. )

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