Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekly Roundup

Some photos and things that I meant to post this week but didn't have a chance to until now.

I posted this picture on twitter with the caption: Hey wmata you should recommend another career path for the person hanging signs. Upside down= fail.

UnsuckDCMetro is a very funny twitter user that retweets important or funny things about the metro, but they don't retweet everything. SO, it was pretty much the highlight of my week that they retweeted this!

I also have to give props to Metro for immediately responding with this:
And by the time I left for my evening commute, it was hanging the right way!

Ingrid looking fabulous at the playground.

Someone got her little buddah belly back, and we couldn't be happier!

Ingrid in one of her many "model" poses.

Happy baby and Mommy!

Going retro, wearing one of my old outfits.

Casey's cool sunglasses and me being artsy. Typical.

Meet Porkchop, or Porky for short. He was the most outstanding spectator at our soccer game, and he desperately wanted to romp with the ball.

What the heck kind of field is this?! Crab grass that wishes it was turf with part baseball field?! Talk about an identity crisis!

There might only be a few things I can make, but I know how to make a mean fruit salad!

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