Friday, June 17, 2011

And Now, Some Photos

Luckily the power only flickered last night, but I was way too tired to post any of the pictures from the game. It was supposed to be an activity with coworkers, but 4 of the planned 7 ended up bailing for various reasons (most were valid reasons). It ended up being me, Kaitlin, and Megan.

By lunch time yesterday I had the list of concessions up on my screen so that I could plan exactly what I wanted to eat and how to spend my money. I was a bit nervous when I couldn't find the funnel cakes in the stadium, but rest assured, I found them!

It stopped raining by the time the game started, but not for long. Part way through the game someone hit a homer, and just at that moment, there was suddenly a torrential down pour. The timing was so amazing, that I looked up thinking it was a movie set and someone was dumping water.

Despite being a little soggy, a good time was had by all!

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