Friday, June 24, 2011

365, Four-Eyes

The last few weeks my eyes have been aching a lot and causing a fair amount of discomfort, so today I went to the optometrist to have them checked. Sure enough, I need glasses. Goodbye, perfect vision! I won't have to wear them all the time (thankfully), but since the majority of my waking hours are spent on the computer, glasses will have to be my new favorite accessory.

While my eyes were dilating, they had me pick out my frames. By this point my eyes hurt and things are more blurry than usual, so attempting to make a decision, or even know where to start, was a challenge. The guy helping me would pull out a pair, look at them on my face, and then say if they fit or not. After 3 or 4 times going through this exercise, we found a pair that he ok'd the fit and the look was fine by me. I was a little bit surprised by how easy-going I was being about the look, so hopefully I will still like them enough when they are ready to be picked up.

While trying on frames and waiting for my pupils to dilate all the way I looked in the mirror, and man, did I get a surprise! One of my pupils was not completely centered anymore! My first reaction was to try to take a picture so that I could look at it more closely later (and possibly to have a really weird photo of the day). Well, I took a picture but it didn't come out- not surprising since I couldn't see anything within close range, but a total bummer!

Glasses should be here in about 10 days, which translates to an end to aching eyeballs is in sight! (no pun intended, really.)

The blur at the top and bottom of the photo was how it looked while I was trying to pick out my frames. Hard to be picky when they all look the same!

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