Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh, Salisbury

I have been to Salisbury twice for work now, and both times it has given me some new sights. Here are some of the pictures from my phone (in no particular order)-- the "real" pictures are on my work computer and will have to wait.

Breakfast #1 this morning (Hampton Inn free breakfast).

Breakfast #2 today- mini chicken biscuits with honey and tiny hash browns.

Weather posted in the elevator at the Hampton Inn. Unfortunately, it is the weather for Orlando.

All-star baseball game sign- and its on an old school reader board! (The company was once centered on such reader boards in hotels.)

The "view" from Kelly and Nathalie's room. Pretty, but not much going on in the Bury.

Not fun lugging all this stuff on the bus and metro- I blame the 4 cameras I brought.

"If you are not handicap, please open the door manually."

"Coffee is for sales people on pace."

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