Monday, June 6, 2011

365, No Caffeine Today!

I'm trying to cut back on my daily caffeine intake (previously 1 soda and usually 1 frappuccino) for 2 reasons:

1. I think my body has become accustomed to this level of caffeine and no longer responds to it
2. I can't afford frappuccinos as often as I would like them (and, whats the point spending $5 on a drink that doesn't actually wake me up any more than having a sugary, cheaper drink?)

As far as I can tell, having a soda in the morning is pretty much a placebo at this point, so I'm trying to trick my body into thinking I have something in my system to make me more awake. Today I went to Starbucks with Kelly and got the giant size iced passion tea lemonade, sweetened, and it cost less than the smallest frap. Tomorrow I'm going to try having a powerade in a cup with ice and see if it satisfies the same craving as the tea.

Yes, I have checked, the tea is caffeine free. Yes, the sugar in the tea probably helped me feel awake, but it wasn't caffeine, so there!

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