Friday, September 2, 2011

Publicity Round Up

A few weeks ago I was browsing the Washington Post website and found a page requesting user submissions on 9/11 for their 10-year tribute. I figured "sure, why not?" and went about submitting something and then promptly forgot about the whole thing. On Wednesday, I got an email from the Post saying that they had selected my comment and would be publishing it along with a picture of me! Yes, this is very exciting, but in typical Cecily fashion, I have no idea what I wrote. I'm just hoping that I sound moderately intelligent! It is supposed to be online on the 11th and could end up in print as well- that part was still unknown when I spoke to the editor.

I posted a couple screenshots of my photo of Ingrid during the hurricane, but I finally had a chance to go through my files and find them all. So, in no particular order, 1 or 2 of my photos was published in the following news outlets:

- ABC7 / WJLA (online and on tv)
- News Channel 8 (on tv)
- Huffington Post
- Washington Post
- Del Ray Patch
- Old Town Patch

Not bad considering I was using my crappy underwater camera!



Huffington Post


Washington Post

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