Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Name! On Chocolate!

My coworker Megan is on vacation in London right now, and when she uploaded this picture to facebook today, she became one of the most amazing people ever. On top of facebook, she posted it to her blog as HER photo of the day!

As explained on her blog: "My co-worker loves things with her name on it. Since hers is a bit less common than, say, Megan, it doesn’t happen as often. She never got to have one of those souvenir key chains or coffee mugs with her name on it. Although to be honest I always thought those were rubbish anyway. None were ever as cool as having a chocolate named after you:

I was a bit shocked when I saw this – at the world-famous Harrod’s no less – and immediately had to buy one and sample it for myself. I have to say it was amazing, in a plain and non-alcoholic way of course."

Yeah, Megan is pretty awesome. And for everyone who ISN'T named Cecily, I give you permission to be jealous!

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