Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lewes, Day 5

Final day in this little town. I did more designing and was able to tie up a lot of loose ends so that I can officially mark the projects as complete (in my unofficial task book). Super gloomy and rainy day. I checked out of the hotel in the morning and was not overly surprised to find their check out process as archaic as their check in process-- I handed them my key and that was all.

The check-in process went something like this- I walk up to the desk and say I am here to check in. There is no computer on the desk, so I assumed it was below/inside the desk with a glass panel over top... Not quite. I gave them my name and they went to a FILE CABINET to pull out a piece of paper with my name on, and handed me the key that was taped to the paper. I don't think I have been to a hotel that used actual keys since... at least the late 90's!

Despite thinking the hotel was stuck in the stone ages, the location was absolutely amazing. The office was directly across the street from the hotel. I think it took 10, maybe 15 steps to walk to the office everyday, so I can't complain too much.

Hotel entrance and office door-- REALLY close!

2 blocks from the hotel

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