Friday, April 1, 2011

365, First Day!

Today was my first day at The Knowland Group, and it was a great success! Last night I found out that the captain of my outdoor soccer team works there, so I felt pretty good knowing there would be a familiar face. They literally JUST moved into the office this week, so they are still waiting on desks, cubicles, etc, but it was still cool to be in the space (everyone was sitting at temporary tables). It was strange to be in a setting where I wasn't interrupted every 3 seconds, I got to sit down all day, and I never had to wait in line for the bathroom! There will be some adjustments, but they are all good things and I am looking forward to diving in and learning about a new industry! Next week I will be in Lewes, DE, all week working with the other 2 designers there, then I spend a few days in Salisbury the following week, so I won't actually be back in my office for about 1.5 weeks.

To sum it up, the first day of my grown-up job was a success!

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