Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lewes, Day 3


Got to do some actual design work, which was pretty cool. I sat down  in my chair at 9 am and didn't get up until 2 pm... Hello hyper-focus! It is a good sign that I was enjoying my work so much that I lost track of time for 5 hours.

I had dinner at this tiny place called Half Full, where they only serve pizza, wine, and beer. I went up to the register and asked if they had water, half expecting the answer to be no. Turns out they did have water... and the pizza was pretty good too.

This was the first day that I wasn't completely exhausted after work, so I walked around the town a bit. NOTHING opens before 10 am and closes by 5 pm at the latest, so I guess if you work you don't get to shop. I saw a sign for a blacksmith and was once again reminded that Lewes is a historical town. Also saw this crazy house / establishment, which totally reminded me of Abby.

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