Thursday, January 12, 2012

Captive Audience

I was at the grocery store and decided that baked potatoes couldn't possibly be THAT hard to make, so I decided to buy them in preparation for my weekly dinner with Megan. As I blankly stared at all of the potato options at Harris Teeter, this is what was going through my head: sweet potatoes (gross), microwavable sweet potatoes (still gross but intrigued by the microwavable part), MICROWAVABLE RUSSET POTATOES (bingo!).

I was thrilled by this discovery and that they were individually wrapped so I didn't have to buy a metric ton of them when I only wanted two. Anyway, the next morning I was very excited when I announced my great discovery to Carter, to which she replied, "Um, Cec, all potatoes are microwavable."

I mean, this potato is pre-washed AND freshness verified! Megan appreciated where I was coming from and understood my confusion that regular potatoes could be microwaved (non pre-washed and without verified freshness, of course). It not only provided a tasty dinner but also a good amount of entertainment. On top of that, this is the longest 365 post this year. You're welcome.

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  1. My favorite part about those instructions is the warning that the potato may whistle. That's something I would be interested to hear.