Sunday, January 1, 2012

So Long, 2011!

Highlights from 2011(based on my 365 photos):

January: Started playing floor hockey
February: Liesl was born and Susan passed away (but she became Liesl's special angel!)
March: Left my family of 3.5 years at Apple for a grown-up job at KG
April: Traveled for work (Lewes and Salisbury), made some great friends
May: Got comfortable using public transportation
June: Coached a youth field hockey team
July: Went to the beach with the family
August: Earthquake and hurricane Irene
September: Got laid off from my grown-up job
October: Got a taste of working a trade show with Natalie
November: Made freelancing my full-time gig, went to Disney World
December: Went to Arizona for a much more successful business trip

While the year had its rough patches, everything turned out ok in the end. It was hard to leave Apple for the unknown of KG, and even though I got laid off from KG, I got some good experience and made some amazing friends. This year was full of huge changes and new situations, but I feel like I have solidified my place in the grown-up world!

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