Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Job Update

It has been a while since I have written about my job situation, so I figure it's time to update the world. I had a couple of good interviews, but before getting rejected from those, I had come to the decision to freelance on my own, full time. The vast majority of my work is for a friend out in Arizona (used to work with my sister) and the majority of his work (and thus mine) is for some pretty big name companies in Abu Dhabi. And by big name, I mean even I had heard of these companies before doing work for them. Scheduling deadlines is interesting because I have my own timezone, Arizona's timezone (which doesn't observe daylight savings, btw), and Abu Dhabi's timezone. I have given up trying to keep track in my head and have 3 clocks on my phone and computer.

I have a cubicle at Carter's office so that I physically have an office to go to, because I have found without it, I ended up falling back asleep all day long and getting nothing done (interesting for someone who has sleep problems!). So far it's working out great for everyone, and I'm crossing my fingers it stays that way!

Being my own boss has been interesting and it is most certainly a work in progress. It is no secret that I do better with structure, so I'm learning to build it in on my own. Or trying to anyway- some days are more successful than others. It was great being able to take time off for Disney World, but the tradeoff is that I am often working all day long, from the time when I wake up and eat a pop tart on my bed to when I pass out at the end of the day. And on top of the time difference between here and Abu Dhabi, their work week is different than ours so I am usually working on Sundays. I really don't mind the schedule so far because minus the 6 months I was at KG, I never had a standard M-F work schedule.

In general, so far, so good. I head out to Arizona for a week in December for a company retreat which should be fun, and I've never been to AZ before. And hey, I never got to travel with that other "real" job!

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