Friday, November 25, 2011

365, The end of an era

I bought a car on Wednesday (or at least signed all the paperwork), and today we turned traded the Expedition in for my 2009 Corolla! The Expedition will be missed from the fleet as we have had it since 1997 and it was the family car, then Carter's car, then my car, and finally Alex's car, so we all have memories of driving around AVA in it. A lot of my memories are of dreading foul weather because when it rained outside the car, it also rained inside the car. On the drivers head. But hey, thats what builds character, right?!

My car is still being certified and cleaned etc, (it had literally JUST come in when we were at the dealership) so hopefully I will pick it up tomorrow morning!

Also, I was going through my November blog posts from last year and realized that the 23rd was the anniversary of having all my teeth! (11/24/10 blog post)

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