Friday, November 18, 2011

365, Ultrasound for the Bug

I tagged along with Carter and Liesy-Beezy to Children's today, and as always, was very interested in all the equipment. Liesl had to get an ultrasound before the next round of sclerotherapy in December, and as long as we were there we went ahead and saw her EENT. Her team of doctors is fabulous but because she did such a number a few months ago when she stopped breathing just hours after being seen by the doctors, they can never be too safe. Unfortunately this means sending a scope down her nose and making sure there is no compression on her airway. She is a total trooper, but lets face it, no one would enjoy that much less a baby that can't understand why they have to do it! The good news is that her airway looked great and was clear.

After being scoped we headed up to radiology for the ultrasound, and Liesl was VERY excited to look at all of the balloons up there. We ended up having to wait for an hour before we went back to the ultrasound room, so the balloons were a great distraction and time-killer. She is working really hard trying to say the word balloon and it is super adorable.

All in all, it was a successful visit and Liesl is still the model patient!

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