Saturday, November 26, 2011

365, My Car! Finally!

It seems like a ridiculous amount of time elapsed between Wednesday, when I signed the paperwork for the car, and this afternoon, when I finally got to pick it up. BUT, its in my possession now so I am a happy camper! It is a Corolla, which is an actual car, (not an SUV or truck like I am accustomed to driving), so it will take some getting used to. My biggest worry was not having automatic headlights (yes, even the Expedition had them) but in my 8 hours of having the car I haven't forgotten to turn them on, nor have I left them on and killed the battery. I am seriously hoping this trend continues and simultaneously awaiting the first time I kill the battery. One of the more exciting features is that the car has an auxiliary port so once I get the correct cable, I can connect my iPod directly to the speakers.

I am a rare breed for more reasons than we should list at any given time, but it is further evidenced by the fact that I am almost done reading the car manual. Yeah, that book that comes in the glovebox- I'm reading it cover to cover. I am REALLY not a car person and don't understand the finer details, so I figured reading the manual would at least give me some base knowledge and help me understand the various features, etc. And, I'm just a nerd that reads manuals. Most of it is pretty standard but its not a dull read at all, and the section on airbags is fascinating. Not even kidding- there is some seriously cool technology in the car that tells the airbags when to deploy or what type of passenger is in the front seat in a ton of different scenarios. I never thought I would be saying this, but if you are as car-illiterate as me, the manual is very useful and interesting read. And don't laugh about airbags being fascinating until you have read that section in your own manual :-)

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  1. pretty sure i should have read mine cover to cover. because every six months i flip back to remember how to reset the clock. finally i got smart and just bookmarked the page.

    congrats on the ride!