Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spaghetti Pie

In my baking and cooking ventures, I have become pretty good at making spaghetti pie... Fear not, it is from a kids cookbook and is, well, designed to be made by kids. Needless to say, it's right within my comfort zone :-)

I've made it a handful of times over the last few months and have even started to modify the recipe (gasp!) and eye-ball measurements. This was the first time I mixed whole-grain and regular noodles, and I'm happy to report I can't taste a difference. I misjudged the amount of noodles (common eye-ball measuring mistake), so the pie ended up being MUCH bigger than expected. I was quite concerned I messed up the recipe, but I had it for lunch and dinner today and it tasted delicious both times... I guess I inadvertently tested just how kid friendly the recipe was, and it passed with flying colors!

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