Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cooking Queen?

I went on an ultra cooking binge today, and it all turned out well... I think 4 straight days of complete laziness are to blame for this burst of energy! In the afternoon I made some cinnamon muffins from a mix, but this TOTALLY counts as legit baking for me. While I was watching Casey's band, I put some chicken breasts and ground beef out to defrost. I have never cooked chicken before (yes, you read that correctly), and amazingly, it tasted like chicken! It was boring chicken because I literally took it out of the plastic and threw it on my super-duper-george-forman-panini-grill thing--- no seasoning, no marinade. I found a few recipes that I wanted to try, and they all required the chicken to already be cooked... So, tomorrow I will try my hand at making chicken salad, among other things. While the chicken was still cooking, I started to cook the ground beef. Let me pause for a moment and point out that this is not only the most cooking I have EVER done, but I was cooking 2 things at once! Anyhow, I ended up using the ground beef mixed with a seasoning packet and tomato paste to make delicious sloppy joes!

The beginning of the adventure.

Boring chicken (but proof that I made it).

Sloppy Joes!

Me and my masterpiece.

Watching Abby trying to eat it without making a mess was an event in and of itself.


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