Thursday, January 27, 2011

FaceTime with Ing

Ingrid (and Carter) called me tonight to video chat, and it was entertaining, as always. She asked to see my house and we had to made sure her trolls were all where they lived and waiting for her to come visit. At one point I was telling Carter about my uber productive day and all the baking I did- 2 loaves of pumpkin bread and 2 gigantic spaghetti pies. When I mentioned the spaghetti pie Ingrid said "mmmmmm", so I asked if she would like to come over for dinner one night. Her response, "I'd love to!... I have to go night-night... sorry." Too cute!

While continuing to ask to see my house, she saw my set of our matching pajamas on the floor, so she had to change to match. In the process though, she got distracted by her belly and how hilarious it is, then had to do her "nakie" dance, then was finally clothed again.

This time next week, Ingrid will be a big sister, and I will no longer be able to refer to her as "baby girl"!

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