Monday, January 24, 2011

The Cooking Continues?!

I made chicken salad tonight! I have to give my brother, Alex, most of the credit for walking me through how to make it (and understanding just how clueless I am), but I actually did it! If you know me, you understand the magnitude of this victory-- remember, I just learned how to cook chicken last night.

I put the chicken salad on a tortilla and added some lettuce, and it was quite tasty. I had an interesting realization tonight in the lettuce department- a head of lettuce has surprisingly more character than lettuce in a bag. Maybe its not surprising since it is clearly more fresh, but it definitely made me stop for a moment. Also, a head of lettuce is cheaper and stays fresh longer... Why have I been buying bagged salad all these years?! (and by "all these years," I probably just mean the last few months... eh, details...)

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