Sunday, August 21, 2011

365, Uncovered Relics

I started another cleaning binge yesterday afternoon and I finished today. Among the things uncovered in today's archaeological dig: cassette tape with my figure skating music (elementary school) game boy color (middle school), and my last cd / mp3 player before ipods (high school). I also found a corner of my room that hasn't been visible in a long time, as well as the top of one of my dressers (discovering the tops of BOTH dressers during the same cleaning binge would just be too much).

I found myself feeling really great today, and my only guess is that it has to do with sleep. I slept in pretty late, much later than I would have liked, but once I finally got up I was super productive and felt fairly cheerful. I am a chronically bad sleeper and I always go to bed early knowing it will take hours to fall asleep. My new doctor recommended I try staying up later so that my sleep is more productive and less time is spent falling asleep. In terms of raw data, this has put 1-2 hours back in my day, and this is only day 2, but so far so good! She also told me that it takes 45 HOURS for caffeine to completely leave your bloodstream, which means I am going to try to cut caffeine out of my diet. This will be painful, but I am going to try. I am also going to fail some days, but hopefully not every day.

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