Friday, August 26, 2011

365, Hurricane Preparedness

Our ceiling at the office tends to leak, so we were told to put our computers in our file cabinets. Of course, my giant 27 inch iMac would have nothing to do with being in a silly cabinet, so instead we wrapped it in trash bags and put it under the desk for shelter. iMac in a trash bag... it feels so wrong!

I have been following hurricane Irene online quite closely, but I think my favorite factoid is still one that I picked up yesterday: as of lunchtime yesterday, Irene was roughly 1/3 the size of the entire east coast!

In other and unrelated news, I survived the week only having caffeine once! Better than previous weeks, but still leaves room for improvement.

Oh, and the Comm Girls and I have decided that any and all weight gain can be attributed to the earthquake because we all found ourselves snacking more than usual. It's called quake weight, and I have decided that it can be blamed retroactively (similar to the animals at the zoo freaking out before the earthquake... somehow, our stomachs sensed the quake!). Been a rough few weeks? Blame it on the quake weight!

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