Sunday, March 20, 2011

Three Ring Circus

I was over at Carter and Jon's the other night, and holy cow, it was a three-ring circus! I was chatting with Carter while she was feeding Liesl and Jon was trying to do the comcast upgrade... After a bit, we realized that we hadn't seen or heard Ing lately, which is never a good sign. I went to investigate and found her in her room trying to put on a bathing suit. It was clear convincing her otherwise was not going to be successful, so I gave in and at least helped her get her arms in the right holes.

How does she know how to pose like that?!

Carter feeding Liesl. Phone ringing. Ingrid in a bathing suit and playing with her "Abby" dress. And then, to top it off, the doorbell rang. My head was spinning, but somehow, Carter was able to hold it all together! 

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