Tuesday, March 8, 2011

There Can Only Be One (Photo of the Day)

This is day 68 of Project 365, my attempt at posting one photo each day for an entire year. I have some rules for 365, so be enlightened:

- photo must be taken on the day it is uploaded / posted
- photo must be taken with my iPhone
- there can only be ONE official photo of the day

I use an app (typically Camera+) to make minor edits and crop the photos, and I usually adjust a couple before determining the official photo. Some days I struggle to find a decent photo, but today, I have more than one that I would consider POTD-worthy. These are some photos from today, but not THE photo of the day.

Look at those blue eyes!

My indoor soccer team played in the division championship tonight, and we won! 

Our game was at The Bubble, which is SO much better than the gym.

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