Friday, February 24, 2012

Yes, that is a PC on my desk

For an Apple addict like myself, its hard to say any PC is cool (much less post it on a blog!), but this one is pretty nice. That little box there is the entire machine... no tower! While it is technically a PC, it is a very Apple-ish PC. In Apple terms, I would describe it as a perfect cross between the Apple tv and the Mac mini.

Why on earth would I have a PC when I already have an awesome Mac? Well, I have been doing a LOT of work in powerpoint over the last few weeks, and powerpoint on the Mac is a painful experience. Keynote is awesome, but powerpoint tends to lock up for about 5-10 seconds every minute or two while it "auto saves the recovery file," and over the course of 20 hours, that amounts to some serious frustration.

I set it up today but am looking forward to really testing it out next week!

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