Sunday, February 12, 2012

Well, I tried

I went to my hockey game tonight and tried playing... I didn't even make it through the first period before my lungs cried mercy! When I wasn't preoccupied with the pain of breathing, it was fun to be back out there and playing again.

Tonight I got a glimps of a side of asthma that I'm not used to seeing... After the first period, I was done for the game, but even when you're having problems breathing, it doesn't LOOK like anything is wrong. When I have had less severe asthma problems in the recent past, it was with teammates who already knew me and knew I wasn't being a slacker. Tonight was an entirely new group of teammates who I have never played with before (except Megan), so it really looked like I was being lazy and selfish by sitting out. I tried to explain to people that I have asthma and it hurts to breathe, but again, it doesn't look like anything is wrong!

At least I got to play for a few minutes and wear my jersey...

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