Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cooking Adventures

Megan and I have dinner together on Thursdays and sometimes experiment with cooking. (It was at a Thursday dinner that I learned that tortellini floats.) It was at my house tonight, and I decided to take a big step and try to make pierogis. I should take a moment and explain that "making" pierogis involved putting the pre-made ones I bought at Harris Teeter into a skillet, but trust me, this is a big step. Pierogis sound a bit adventurous and Megan and I had never had them before, but I think I probably got the most boring (and therefor ideal) type: potatoes and cheese. We both like noodles, potatoes and cheese, so it was a safe thing to try. And then we dipped them in spaghetti sauce. I'm not sure if that is the standard way to eat them, but it worked for us!

I'd say my energy level today was pretty comparable to yesterday, but I am still wheezing and coughing. Sometimes coughing is a good thing because you can clear out your throat and chest area and feel better afterward, but I have left that place a few days ago. My current problem is it now seems to be a slightly different wheeze (perhaps it moved?) and while my body wants to cough, there is nothing in my chest that can be cleared, so it really isn't a productive cough.

I am thinking about investing in a neon sign to go above my head to tell people that I'm not sick, I don't have tuberculosis, I don't have SARS and asthma isn't contagious. Until I find that perfect sign, I'm still laying low. I had high hopes of being able to play in my hockey games on Sunday and Monday, but it isn't looking good. Until I can breathe comfortable standing still, I probably shouldn't play sports.

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