Tuesday, December 20, 2011

365, Amazing

Liesl is a champ; end of story. She handled the procedure quite well and although she was a bit wonky from the anesthesia, she took it like a pro and got to come home this afternoon. Go Bug, go!

Soon after I got the AMAZING news that she was home, I was walking outside and saw this flower and it reminded me of her. Yesterday was freezing outside, today it wasn't as freezing, but despite this bipolar weather, the flower still bloomed and looks great. Sure, Liesl has spent more time in ICUs than we would like to count, has had more procedures in her 10 months than most people have in a lifetime, but she is still a wonderful and amazing little girl and blooms on a daily basis! Her personality is easy going, but she has made it very clear that NOTHING will get in her way. We love you, Liesy Bug!

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