Friday, April 6, 2012

Allergy season

I managed to hold out longer than most people, but my time has come and I am powerless over my allergies. Not completely powerless, but the zyrtec-d, flonase, and gallons upon gallons of water have made no difference to my throat.

The timing is particularly annoying for me... No, not because it is Easter this weekend, but because I did a hard workout at the gym on Wednesday night and my abs are killing me! What do allergies and abs have to do with one another? Well, my throat hurts and is making me cough, but coughing makes my abs hurt, so I'm stuck in a bad cycle. I have been planning on going to another kickboxing class tomorrow, but I think breathing (without coughing) is generally a prerequisite. Come on allergy meds, work some magic here! This motivation won't last forever!

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