Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last Night

I went over and hung out with my 2 favorite little girls last night (and Carter and Jon) and had a great time, as always. (And never a dull moment!)

Ingrid put on an Oscar winning performance at dinner when she tried to fall asleep on the table... 5 minutes and a few ounces of milk later, she found her second wind.

Ingrid and I watched some Strawberry Shortcake while Liesl snuggled, and Carter and Jon actually had a free moment to do the dishes!

Budding photographer, admiring her composition.

Family photo-op with their new pet, Phinneus (or Finneus... spelling yet to be determined)... This mink was found while cleaning out some of Susan's stuff, and it is now part of the family. Ingrid even took it to bed with her last night!

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