Saturday, February 19, 2011


After 17 days in the NICU, baby Liesl finally got to come home! As you can see in the video, Ingrid was very excited that her baby sister is finally at her house. Ingrid gets very concerned every time Liesl cries, so she is right on track to being a stellar big sister! Liesl opened her eyes for a minute while having a bottle, and Ingrid exclaimed, "she has blueberry eyes!" Exclaimed is really the best way to describe the utter joy and excitement at her observation. Aside from eating, Liesl's favorite thing is being held and snuggled, which makes sense since she missed out for the first 8 days! She has crazy long "piano" fingers, as Gitsy would say, and she doesn't even bat an eye when Ingrid makes noise. Ingrid got a new baby doll tonight with a doctor set so that she could practice taking care of the doll. Ingrid made it VERY clear that she is not a doctor, and would like to be referred to as Nurse Ingrid. 

Lots more pictures to come- just haven't emptied the camera yet! (As always, thankful for the improved camera on the iPhone 4!)

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