Thursday, November 25, 2010

We Made a Pie?!

Today is a day that will go down in history- the day that Abby and Cecily made an apple pie! Abby orchestrated the event with some supporting roles coming from Nat (brought the food processor over), Thing 2 (provided most of the ingredients), and me (followed directions).

Oh, and this was AFTER we made mashed potatoes. Its pretty much the most cooking / baking that our kitchen has ever seen. And, it gave Abby an excuse to wear an apron (not pictured).

Things we learned today:
- the oven is hot and will burn you. twice.
- there is something called pie beads, and I am wearing them.
- directions work best if followed in order.


  1. Cec-arz! Love your blog. Wish there was a picture of the apron and, um, pie beads? I've made pies, and I've missed this essential ingredient/accessory. Where do I get some?

  2. Seriously. This looks simply amazing!